Let's start making data-driven decisions about farming and rural households

We understand that you want to make decisions that are not just based on intuition or assumptions.  Therefore we offer extensive data reports that can make your decisions about the rural population much easier. 

We offer:

  • Farming Insight Reports
    Extensive data reports that contain demographic and geographical information about thousands of farmers in Myanmar. What crop do they grow? How many acres of land do they have? Are they mainly male or female farmers? And what seeds do they use? We can provide all this, and much more data in an instant! 
  • Rural Household Insights
    If you are looking for insights into the rural population, then the Farmer Household Insight Report is just what you need!
  • Value Chain Insights
    Gain insights in the Agricultural value chain 
  • Market Price Reports
    Detailed market price reports on price fluctuations of local markets on various crops
  • Surveying Insights
    Our in-app survey tool makes it possible to collect insights from targeted users all over Myanmar.  We offer dynamic surveys, which we can customize to your needs. We can distribute your surveys to the selected user group(s) and notify and incentivize users by sending notifications/messages

Let's work together

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