Data insights

We understand that you want to make decisions that are not just based on intuition or assumptions. Therefore we offer extensive data insights that can make your decisions about the rural population much easier. We can help you with:



  • Credit Risk Assesments
    Extensive data reports with information on farmer profiles.
  • Market Prices
    Detailed information on price fluctuations of local markets, available for various crops
  • Surveying
    Our in-app tool enables the collection of data from targeted users all over Myanmar. We offer dynamic surveys, customized to your needs. We distribute your survey to selected users and notify and incentivize users by sending notifications/messages.
I’m a fan of Golden Paddy, as I can check local potato prices regularly. Great job!
— Joseph Suan - Aventine Limited Trading Company


  • Value Chain Reports
    Gain insights in the Agricultural Value Chain
  • Farming Insight Reports
    Extensive data reports that contain demographic and geographical information about thousands of farmers in Myanmar. What crop do they grow? How many acres of land do they have? Are they mainly male or female farmers? And what seeds do they use? 
  • Rural Household Insights
    If you are looking for insights into the rural population, we can help you with the data you need. 

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smart agriculture myanmar

Providing farmers with more detailed advice through the integration of satellite data into Golden Paddy. More information through this link. 

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financial inclusion

A project targeting maize farmers in South Shan and Bago. Read more 



Earth Observation for Sustainable Development, a project centred on gaining insights from Earth Observation data. Read more



Gain insight in the mungbean value chain, supporting farmers to make the production more transparent and make produce traceable. Read more.