The Challenge

Worldwide, 500 million smallholder farms are responsible for 70% of the global food production. Agriculture is the engine behind the food that we get served on our plates every day. It is something beautiful, a lifestyle, but something fragile as well. People working on farms are struggling with poor living conditions and are challenged to realize their full agricultural potential. Between 30-40% of crops are being lost before the farm-gate due to outdated farming practices and unawareness to certain risks. Today, agriculture faces more challenges than ever before. Climate change and unpredictable market fluctuations make a farmers' live more difficult than ever.


The Opportunity

In Myanmar 37 million people (that is 70 percent of the population) are (in)directly dependent on farming. The mobile phone penetration is estimated at 80 percent and 70 percent of the smallholder farmers are connected to the internet through their mobile phone. The availability of information and communication technologies, supplemented by distributed computing and remote sensing provides an opportunity to deliver value-added services at low costs to the most remote locations and poorest people.


Our Solution

Impact Terra was established in 2016 by Erwin Sikma with the idea to leverage technology to provide value-added services to farmers. Impact Terra provides these services through its Golden Paddy Platform, consisting of a mobile application, web application and a Facebook page. Golden Paddy helps farmers to improve their crop productivity by sharing of leading agricultural knowledge and specific, real-time recommendations & alerts, expands the farmer's markets connections and facilitates access to improved (formal) financing opportunities. The Golden Paddy platform is custom built for farmers and provides customized services, based on the crop a farmer grows, the location he or she lives and other characteristics. Service providers use our platform to collect insightful data, advertise their products and services and support farmers. View our solutions for farmers and organisations on our services pages.

Golden Paddy is currently operational in Myanmar and will be made available in other South-East Asian countries soon.



A thriving and sustainable smallholder agriculture sector


To digitally empower smallholder farmers around the world