smart agriculture myanmar

Start date

January 2018

Duration & Stage

3 years, Phase 1


Euro 2.5 million



Integration of satellite based data insights to improve scalable farming advise and stimulate financial inclusion


  • Satelligence, satellite image expert – satellite images and insights, algorithms to improve data insights
  • Financial Access, financial service provider – credit risk modelling and loan product development
  • Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Irrigation – agriculture extension
  • Wageningen University, Agricultural university – assistance on agricultural models
  • Center for Economic and Social Development - training & capacity building

Project description Satellite, or Earth Observation, data gives very detailed insights into topics as extreme weather, pest out brakes, flooding and draughts on a local but large scale. By incorporating these data into the Golden Paddy platform, we will be able to provide farmers with more detailed advise and inform them about changing conditions that will likely be affecting their crops;

  • How does the crop growth of this farmer compare to others?
  • How much rain will fall the coming week, and therefore does the farmer need to irrigate the crops?
  • The outbreak of pests of diseases; does the farmer need to take action and spray organic or chemical pesticides to protect the crops?

Based on the customized information farmers can take potential precautionary measures, this will help them to increase their yields.

The objective of the project is to improve scalable farming advise for farmers, but also to stimulate financial inclusion of smallholder farmers. As we will have much more knowledge of the conditions affecting farmers’ operations, we are able to provide a more detailed picture of what farmers need and how they are doing financially. Additionally, the data collected will be used as basis for credit risk assessments, financial product development and provision of loans to a group of farmers. Currently these institutions have difficulties developing specific products such as loans and credit assessments and difficulties delivering it to farmers. Data derived from the Golden Paddy platform, in combination with EO data, can offer financial institutions insights, helping farmers to access the financial services they need.

In this project we work with paddy farmers from Bago region, whom we will provide with real time actionable advise based on satellite image output , validated by an agricultural expert.. In Shan State the project focusses on maize/corn farmers. A total of 500.000 farmers will be involved.

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