Mungbean productivity and traceability 

Start date

October 2017

Duration & Stage

2 years, Phase 1


Partly Funded


Support farmers to make production certified, traceable and ready for export to the European market                    



Advance Consulting, East West Seeds, Bright Light, Evers Specials 

Project description

Together with our partners we work to help farmers to certify their mung bean production and make their produce traceable. These are important prerequisites for the export to the European market.  

Our role in the project is to ensure knowledge sharing, messaging, surveying and onboarding of 1500 mung bean farmers. Through Golden Paddy we will share Good Agricultural Practices on mung beans and send out frequent messages related to the crop cycle or on-going events like pest and flood risks.

In-app surveying and tracking user behavior on the Golden Paddy platform will provide us with insights on how mung bean farmers are using the platform. These  insights will be used to improve our services to farmers. The partners will use the insights to explore possiblities to export mung beans to European Union.

Partners in the project are:

  • East-West Seeds, seed breeding & marketing company

  • Evers Specials, Europe’s largest producer of sprouted beans

  • Bright Light, exporting Myanmar agri-products

  • Advance Consulting, responsible for project management

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