Golden Paddy aims to provide farmers with early idenfication of pest and diseases and flood and drought warnings. The platform contains valuable and reliable Good Agricultural Practices, farming content. 

This information helps farmers to improve their operations and thus their productivity: a farmer receives notification through Golden Paddy, informing about a likely flood situation in the next week. It advises the farmer to potentially harvest a couple of days earlier given that the crop is ready to harvest.

Myo Thant -  read more

Myo Thant - read more

I use Golden Paddy app three times a day. In the morning as soon as I wake up, in the afternoon when I take a small break from farming and then in the night. In the morning and night I use the application to check the weather. In the afternoon I use the app to check the market prices.
— Myo Thant - paddy farmer in Thongwa

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