on demand advice


Start date

January 2018

Duration & Stage

3 years, pilot


Stage 1 funded


Early pest and disease identification through image recognition


  • Leap201

  • CABI

  • Plant Protection Department, part of Department of Agriculture


Project Description

Background. Pests and diseases threaten the harvest of farmers, resulting in significant crop losses and lower yields.

Solution. Early identification ensures that farmers can treat their crops in time and effectively. Farmers have indicated they struggle to identify diseases and want to learn more about how to effectively manage pests. 

The objective of the ODA project is to provide farmers with free, on demand pest and disease identification and advice. Advice on how to treat pests and diseases helps farmers to tackle pests and protect their crops, securing higher yields and thus a higher income. 

Farmers take a photo of their crop with the in-app functionality, the photo is uploaded and is used to analyze the potential disease. In the first phase of the project analysis is done by plant pathologists, in later phases the process becomes more automated by using algorithms. 

In the project we work with plant  pathology experts for the identification of farmer issues and the provision of insights and relevant advice. Technical experts provide existing and proven algorithms to identify diseases from image recognition. 

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