We offer a digital services platform for farmers and farming households. As Myanmar leapfrogged from no to full connectivity and 100% smartphone use within 2.5 years, we believe the infrastructure is now available to deliver a solution. Through our free digital platform Golden Paddy we support millions of farmers, retailers, and other users in their daily business and information requirements.

We give demand based advice to farmers, through this advice we make knowledge accessible to make farmers more independent. We support organisations that want to connect to the rural community in Myanmar, offering brand awareness opportunity and rich data insights from Golden Paddy.

Golden Paddy consists of three digital channels:


An easy to use mobile application built for Android that provides farmer families with all the daily practical information they need. The size of the Golden Paddy application is very small, less than 7MB. Limited data usage through sophisticated cashing and downloading protectol. The services on Golden Paddy are offline available, personalized on location and crop. We trigger services through messages which direct to several functionalities.


A mobile optimised web-app to introduce farmers to our mobile application that includes some basic functionalities of the Golden Paddy mobile application. 


A community with a monthly reach of 2 million farmers in Myanmar through which we provide practical farmer advice. 

Golden Paddy App Features


  • Dashboard
  • Weather section
  • Market Price overview
  • Knowledge section
  • Pest & Water risk alarms
  • Buying & Selling 
  • Shop profiles