financial Literacy

Start date                                 

January 2018

Duration & Stage                      

18 months - Phase 1


Funded - Phase 1


Improve smallholder farmers financial literacy and access to finance through digital platform training modules


We are looking for partners to start the project

  • Financial Service Provider – development of curriculum and content, and testing of the modules in the field

  • Research Institute – baseline study of financial literacy smallholder farmers and assessment of project impact


Project description

In the Financial Literacy project farmers are gaining more knowledge about financing. Through articles and training modules on the Golden Paddy platform farmers financial literacy is improved. Better financial literacy helps

In the first phase of the project the development of the education modules is central. For the development of these modules we are looking for a Financial Inclusion NGO or  financial service provider, to work together on the creation of content. In Phase 2 we start the development of advanced e-learning with interactive tests on the Golden Paddy platform. The outcome of these tests will show progress or the level of financial literacy of the farmers and can be used as input by financial service providers to do credit risk assessments.

We are looking to work with a research institute to perform a baseline study of financial literacy. At the end of the project the research institute will perform an end of project study to assess the project impact.

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