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Daily Market Prices for all Myanmar Farmers

As you may know our Golden Paddy platform is collecting market prices from a wide variety of crops and regions. Market prices are now uploaded on a daily basis, which means we are able to provide farmers with access to market information on a much larger scale.

This means we can improve our services, to our farmers, but also to you! 



What does this mean for our farmers?  

Farmers can see daily market prices from the most important markets in Myanmar for free on our Golden Paddy platform, at any moment of the day.  

Golden Paddy now provides the market prices of the 8 biggest markets across Myanmar, such as Bayint Naung Market (Yangon), Pakokku Market (Magway) and Myingyan Market (Mandalay). Farmers have access to in total prices from 17 different markets as well as the export prices from Yangon Region Commodity Exchange. 


We all know that the market prices is one of the most important factors where farmers base decisions on.

Before there was a lack of market price transparency. Farmers had to rely on printed media with outdated information. Or they had to ask peer farmers about the prices, whose information is limited.

Having access to the prices of the different markets means that farmers gain more knowledge about prices, they can compare prices between different markets and different days. They can decide to engage with buyers who are offering better prices. 

Golden Paddy shows reliable custom made insight, based on user’s profile and preferences. Prices occur related to their location and crop. So a paddy Farmer in Ayerwaddy Delta will firstly see the paddy prices at Patein Market, including all available paddy varieties. A farmer can also easily compare the price with other markets and see the market prices from the past days.


What does this mean for your organisation?   

Historical data of the daily crop prices provides valuable data for your organisation. We offer different service, like raw data, daily price indexes or in depth insight reports, such as for example the following graph. The graph shows historical data about the price of potato in Aung Ban Market in South Shan and its different varieties of the course of the last months.


If you are interested to get insights into market prices of a specific region or crop, contact us! Together with you can we we ensure based on your preferences and focus to most valuable insights. Contact Henno for more information: