We are one of the 10 social impact startups making a positive impact on the deprived and marginalised people In southeast asia.

Golden Paddy, for farmers, offers real-time, personalised information about local crop prices, weather-based advice like flood or drought warnings, and pest risks. Golden Paddy platform also enables these farmers to get the capital they need to improve or expand their farms at accessible rates.

Agtech startup Impact Terra raises US$3M to provide real-time info, advice to farmers in Myanmar

"Before, we would sell our products to the brokers for very low prices, because we had no idea they sold them for higher prices in the city. Now we just check our phone"


"A New Agriculture App Could Usher In A 'Golden' Era For Myanmar Farmers"

"IMPACT TERRA Is quietly creating a revolution in how farmers access and use information to improve their harvests".

"Golden Paddy soon is enabling 30 million Myanmar farmers to access finance and insurance options"

Instead, the app is aimed at smallholder farmers to allow them to "become a little more commercial" 

"Golden Paddy provides them with a wealth of information"

In Dutch. "Myanmar is een van de armste landen in Zuidoost-Azië. Startup Impact Terra wil daar iets aan doen met Golden Paddy, een app voor boeren."

In Dutch. "Mobiele app Golden Paddy biedt kans voor landbouw Myanmar" 

"The entrance of an Innovative Agri-Mobile App in Myanmar"

"The telecom revolution in Myanmar transforms rural farmers' live, through a mobile app they now have access to information and markets"