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We are looking for a motivated, hard-working, social and structurally strong Junior Field Research Executive.

As Junior Field Research Executive, you will be responsible for getting insights from our user base. You help us to better understand what farmers want and need, based on which we will improve our platform.


Your tasks consist of doing research in the field, communicating with farmers, translating during interviews, translating written answers provided in interviews and workshops and entering this data Google Forms. An important part of the job is that you should be able to interpret what people say between the lines, truly understanding what farmers mean, need and want. 


  • Doing field research to better understand our user base
  • Ensuring understanding of farmers by reading between the lines and asking follow-up questions
  • Translate Burmese to English and English to Burmese during interviews
  • Entering data and insights in Google Forms
  • Contribute to team efforts by supporting other team members where needed
  • Based on performance, responsibilities can be increased


  • Experience in field research
  • Graduated from a university
  • Excellent writing, reading and comprehension skills in Burmese language
  • Reasonable communication skills in English language
  • Ability to translate accurately from English to Burmese and Burmese to English
  • Good computer skills (e.g. Internet, Microsoft Office)
  • Easy learner
  • Well organized , capable to meet deadlines
  • Accurate
  • Team player

Why join us?

  • You will positively impact the lives of hundreds of millions of people globally in the next years
  • You will be part of the development and deployment of state-of-the-art technologies and (business) models that make the world a better place
  • You will grow with our venture and learn at a very fast pace
  • We promote our people based on performance and increase responsibilities and compensation regularly

Impact Terra

Impact Terra is a fast growing agricultural, financial and big-data technology company focused on social impact.  We believe social impact and financial return are two requirements for sustainability.

The world needs more and better food. A growing population, changing climate and low productivity of smallholder farmers are reasons for serious concern. Smallholder farmers are responsible for the largest share of global agricultural production. There are an estimated 900 million smallholder farmers globally, of whom 350 million live in Southeast Asia, and around 30 million in Myanmar. In most developing markets agriculture contributes significantly to the economy while still being extremely inefficient. Supporting smallholders will lead to significant improvements to food production, the livelihoods of hundreds of millions of people and the economies of developing markets. 

We use smartphones and our proprietary digital platform Golden Paddy to support millions of farmers, retailers, and other users in their daily business and information requirements. As Myanmar leapfrogged from no to full connectivity and 100% smartphone use within 2.5 years, we believe the infrastructure is now available to deliver a solution. Global trends such as increasing food demand, decreasing food production/yields and fast increasing smartphone connectivity make our model one for the future and one for significant impact. 

Our vision: leverage connectivity to enable smallholder farmers to become more knowledgeable and independent

Our mission: support smallholder farmers and their families to improve their livelihoods and make food supply more secure and safe

Golden Paddy

Our FREE Golden Paddy digital platform consists of several channels, ranging from an Android app, mobile website and mobile data tools to a very popular Facebook page. The Golden Paddy platform was launched mid-December 2016 and has grown to a reach of more than 2 million farmers per month and users in more than 97% of all townships in Myanmar. We are now expanding our services, service levels and userbase across Myanmar and are soon launching the first wave of new markets in South-East Asia and subsequently in South Asia, East Africa and South America.

The Golden Paddy platform provides farmers with services across the following themes

  • Knowledge: provides the latest, best and most specific knowledge and advice globally available for every crop, location and soil type
  • Markets: provides market transparency around prices, buyers/sellers, volumes and mobile transaction and payment options
  • Financial Inclusion: provides transparency on financing and insurance options and mobile quotation, booking and transactions of financial products

The Golden Paddy platform provides partners and clients with services such as

  • Access to smallholder farmers’ households – including popup notifications/messages, advertisements, information/advice dissemination
  • Big-data, reports and insights – from user, usage, market, farming to earth observation data insights
  • Transactions & payments – facilitation of transactions, bookings and payments through the platform

The Golden Paddy platform provides specific and targeted content and advice to each of its users. Impact Terra’s non-profit, knowledge institute, government and other partners contribute their content and knowledge to the platform. The platform is independent and provides objective and exhaustive information and advice to its users.

Golden Paddy’s clients consist of the world’s leading agribusinesses, market research agencies, advertisement agencies, financial institutions, non-profits and government institutes.


We are defined by diverse personalities with different backgrounds, driven by a passion for connecting farmers through technology. We are from Myanmar. We have a great understanding of the culture and know exactly what these farmers need. We are from the Netherlands. We bring expertise, structure, and a network into Myanmar.

We have in-depth knowledge in setting up online ventures, we studied at agricultural and technological universities, we grew up in farming families, we are open-minded, and we want to achieve impact.

We work hard! We work as buddies, so we can learn every minute from each other. We're flexible, open and adaptive; to each other, to farmers and to our partners to create the synergy we need to realize change. We are Impact Terra.


Resume, transcripts of University grades and motivation letter can be send to impact@impactterra.com. Applications without motivation letters will not be accepted.

For more information see www.impactterra.com.