We care about impact!

Therefore we put our attention on areas that generate immediate real impact! 

Connect, engage, impact

Our impact strategy aims to Connect smallholder farmers to our platform, after which we Engage them by providing demand based advice and services in an intuitive, direct and engaging format. This path leads to creating Impact.  

We ensure that all our functionalities and services are focussed on making impact for farmers. We have a focus on gaining insights to optimise our service delivery and make it demand-driven. To achieve our goals we need to have impact being woven into our organization like a red thread, that makes its way through the three pointers of our impact strategy. Connect, Engage, Impact. Farmers that actively use the information on the range of development subjects we provide, can become more independent and improve their livelihoods. We already see real-life impact in our focus areas and around focus topics.

User Insight Program

To provide our users with the best information and services we need to better understand who our users are. This is what we aim to achieve with the User Insight Program. We get to know our users better in three ways. First, we understand our userbase through insights from the back-end of our platform. Second, Google Analytics gives us insights in user behaviour in the application and website. Third, we visit farmers and talk to them. This interaction with farmers, village leaders and other stakeholders brings us closer to the farmers. We learn about what they are proud of, what they want for their families and businesses and what the bottlenecks of their enterprises are.

All this information we collect stands at the base of our day-to-day activities, our decision-making process, of our vision. The farmer is central to all we do.

Sustainable Development Goals

No poverty

Golden Paddy lifts millions of smallholder farmers out of poverty as they can use the information and services on the platform to increase their income, be independent, and resilient.

Zero hunger

Golden Paddy enables farmers to increase food productivity and informs about sustainable food production. Moreover, the support in diversification of crops and safe food production contributes to eliminating world hunger. 

Gender Equality

Golden Paddy empowers millions of women in smallholder farming households due to equal access to information and services.

Decent Work and Economic Growth

Golden Paddy empowers all agricultural value chains by providing information, services, and data-driven solutions for challenges faced by farmers and other agricultural stakeholders.

Reduced Inequalities

Golden Paddy reduces economic and social inequality as all farmers, including women and disadvantaged groups, have equal access to data-driven tech solutions to improve their livelihoods.

Climate Action

Golden Paddy creates climate awareness through the information provided on the platform.

Moreover the platform includes an early warning system for extreme weather conditions in order to improve climate adaptations when necessary.