We engage with farmers through our golden paddy platform

We need to make sure that farmers and their families use the Golden Paddy platform and implement the available knowledge in their daily a activities. We do this by providing a lot of services to them, for example access to knowledge, markets and financial inclusion

Focus areas


Currently, farmers lack access to high quality farmer related content due to a shortage of extension workers and fragmented, inconsistent, and subjective information provided by various (unreliable) channels. 

Golden Paddy aims to provide farmers with valuable and reliable farming content such as: Good Agricultural Practices, pest management, water risk and weather information.



Golden Paddy provides farmers daily updates about local crop prices. Farmers are using this information to decide where, to whom and at what moment they need to sell their crops in order to get the best value.

With the Golden Paddy application they have accurate insights about market prices from all over Myanmar, literally in their hands.



Financial inclusion

Golden Paddy aims to increase farmer income by drastically decreasing the cost of capital for farmers all across Myanmar. Many farmers are forced to borrow money at sky-high interest rates to be able to buy their input products such as seeds, fertilisers, and equipment. 

The Golden Paddy platform will bridge the gap between farmers and respected lenders. By doing this lenders can offer capital to farmers reasonable interest rates.

non farming services


Reproductive health


management learnings

Financial literacy
Land rights
Business management