In order to connect millions of smallholder farmer families worldwide, we have developed Golden paddy.

“Golden Paddy” consists of three digital channels

  1. The Golden Paddy Mobile Application

    • An easy to use mobile application built for Android that provides farmer families with all the daily practical information they need.
  2. The Golden Paddy web-app 

    • A mobile optimised web-app to introduce farmers to our mobile application that includes some basic functionalities of the Golden Paddy mobile application. 
  3. The Golden Paddy Facebook page

    • A community with a monthly reach of 2 million farmers in Myanmar through which we provide practical farmer advice. 

We give demand based advice to farmers, in an intuitive, direct and engaging format. Through this advice we make knowledge accessible to make farmers more independent. 

Would you like to know more about how we engage farmers? Then click here. 

The Golden paddy mobile application: An overview


  • Clear overview of the app's functionalities
  • Personalised based on location and crop
  • PEST Risk Indicator
  • Water Risk Indicator

Weather function

  • Daily updated weather forecasts
  • Customised to the users' location
  • Offline available
  • Advanced features such as Precipitation Probabilities

Market prices

  • Daily updated market prices
  • Collected straight from the source using our internal Data Collection Tool
  • Customised on location and crop
  • Helps farmers to maximise income

The know section

  • A large farmer library containing all the know-how a farmer needs
  • Built in collaboration with (I)NGO's, local governmental institutes, and commercial partners in accordance with GAP's standards
  • Offline available
  • Pre-selected on the farmer's registered crop

MAnage my farm

  • Activity logging system for farmers
  • Farmers can log their:
    • Finances
    • Daily farming activities
    • PEST Control
  • Offline available

Pest & Water risk

  • PEST & Water Risk help centre
  • Daily updated in collaboration with local governmental institutions
  • Based on the user's location

Buying & Selling

  • Daily updated Currency Exchange
  • Shop listings of retailers selling farming products
  • Coming soon:
    Credit and Loan provisions